Our achievements

Over the years, GAINIUS’s employees have completed over 300 software projects. A number of our employees were trained in software development at Intel, Siemens, Microsoft, Motorola, etc. Since 2018 we have performed more than 25 research and development, as well as works in the field of development of specialized algorithms and software in collaboration with research engineers laboratories.

  • 30 000 of test builds and hundreds of releases
  • 3600 working days on the IT market
  • 45 mln requests a day processed by systems that we developed
  • 200 total man-years of experience in software development

About us

GAINIUS GROUP was founded in 2017 in Armenia. Our company is actively growing, and to further scale, we opened GAINIUS, a subsidiary in Portugal in 2022. The main activity of GAINIUS is software development, web-design, web-development, media advertising, sports media. GAINIUS operates in Africa, Latin America, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. We are a large aggregator of user reviews on the Internet from various sites using machine learning. Our mission is to help other companies benefit from digital technologies. Our team has more than 50 employees. We work with hundreds of customers who choose our service. Our development roadmap is scheduled for several years ahead. For 2022–2024, releases of several highly demanded B2B solutions are planned.

Our values

  • BE OPEN We are open to everything new, to each other and to external world. We are always ready for changes.
  • BE HONEST We advance our opinion and listen out to everyone’s thoughts. We are responsible for our words and honestly keep our promises.
  • SHOW RESPECT We esteem diversity and respect each other. We are sensitive to each other’s interests.
  • BE INVOLVED AND DETERMINED We are initiative, proactive, consistent and persistent in achieving results.
  • WORLD WITHOUT ANY BORDERS We think out of the box. We live without borders, we work with no boundaries.
  • CREATE VALUES We use the best practices and are constantly improving.
  • EVERYONE’S OPINION IS IMPORTANT We like the Dao philosophy

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